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Women’s Rights And 7 Billion People


So the world has welcomed the 7th Billion person to step foot on this spaceship we call Earth.  Pundits around the media world have made a big deal about the Earth having 7 billion people on it.  Naysayers and their opposites have argued the pros and cons of 7 billion people.  We each have our own view on this milestone.  I happen to personally be on the 7 billion are too many people side, for a variety of reasons to numerous to go into now.   But, the one issue that doesn’t seem to be on the table regarding population growth is women’s rights.  No one seems to be discussing the rights women have in determining the world’s population.  Environmentally it seems to be a taboo subject.  Something that environmentalists are reluctant to engage in-the woman’s right to controlling her own body.  If you survey the world, women in a variety of countries are treated as second-class citizens.  Not having the right to vote, drive, or access to proper health care and birth control.  Societies that are based on patriarchal control have denied women the basic right to choose whether to have a child or not.  The pressure to procreate without considering the consequences to the world is morally and environmentally wrong.  Environmentalists must make a woman’s right to control her body an important pillar of protecting the environment.  Religion and patriarchal societies have no business deciding what a woman can and cannot do.  The world is a finite place, and continuing to add to it in terms of population is taxing its abilities to sustain not just humanity, but every other living organism that calls this planet home.


  1. I am one woman who has chosen to not have children. It’s partly selfish. I would like to travel, experience the world and live without having to think about my children first. The other part of my decision is the overpopulation issue. The last thing the Earth needs right now is another woman deciding to add another of us destructive human beings to it. It’s, of course, every individual woman’s decision to make, but I think we should all ask ourselves one question before bringing a child into the world: “Do I really want to bring my child into a world plagued with disease, violence, pollution and a host of other problems?”


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