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Wind Lens Triples Turbine Output


There’s a new wind turbine technology blowing into town.  Researchers at the Japanese Kyushu University have developed a wind lens that triples a conventional wind turbine’s output.  The wind lens looks like the brim of a hat when it is installed on a conventional wind turbine.  This brim looking device, the wind lens, focuses airflow into the turbines blades.  By directing the airflow the wind turbine accelerates and produces more electricity than a conventional wind turbine.  Field tests are showing a three times increase in electrical output.  The U.S. currently derives 3.2 percent of our total electricity from wind turbines.  By adding the wind lens we could increase that to a 9.6 percent share.  By improving the efficiency of wind turbines with the addition of a wind lens, the cost of wind turbines would be lower than coal or nuclear power without subsidies.  Here’s one fun fact about wind power – the U.S. could satisfy its energy needs by using this new wind technology.  The only problem is that we would need a landmass the size of California to pull this off, some 170,000 square miles.  Japan as an island nation is looking to see how feasible it would be to build offshore wind farms to replace their reliance on nuclear power.  The wind lens is an exciting technological development that furthers our efforts in reducing our need for fossil fuels.


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