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Wind generation is finally becoming a strong home owners solution.  I recently came across a Canadian company called Windterra that has set up resellers and installers in the US.  I began my own search in adding wind power to my own home, but the issue for me was the footprint of the generator.  When I think of a wind turbine, I’m assuming it would look like the ones we see in commercial wind farms.  Windterra, at windterra.com, makes a small horizontal unit that has a low impact foot print.  Something that should easily by pass a communities zoning requirements.  The cost is similar to installing solar panels, and the energy generated is also equal to a panels.  Each unit can generate 2400 to 3200 KWH per year depending on an average wind speed of 14- 16 mph.  The average home uses around 7000-12,000 KWH per year. The cost of the unit with installation is similar to a solar panel system installation.  The average life span of this unit runs 10 years, which is a less than a panels life cycle.  If your looking to get off the grid this would be a good addition to to your arsenal of alternative energy solutions.

John Vlahakis

Wind turbine from Windterra
Wind turbine from Windterra


  1. WINDTERRA (Green) News June 2009

    In this issue:

    1. OFF – Grid capability
    2. Poles. Poles, Poles
    3. FIT program
    4. Financing
    5. Permitting

    The ECO 1200 is a now both a “Grid Tie” and “off grid product. The ECO 1200’s vertical axis design is an industry leader. The “all inclusive” simplistic mount, turbine, generator and matched inverter make an easily installed complete package. How much simpler than joining a wire to a breaker in the panel box or tie to your battery bank can you get! We are always facing the wind!

    The inclusion of an off-grid option allows the power created by the ECO 1200 to be stored in batteries. The Battery Charger is only intended to be connected to a battery bank. The ability to convert energy into a range from 24 v – 48 v DC power leaves many options. This device also has an operating range from – 25 to 40 degrees Celsius.

    In response to customer interest we continue to expand our recommended installation options. Last issue we promoted the use of outbuildings as an option. After working with different supply companies, using our specification requirements, we have suppliers in place for three types of poles…steel, composite, and wood. All three would place our unit about 30 ft. above ground. The steel pole requires a cement foundation. The composite and wood poles require a bored hole. Poles can be purchased for as little as $1000.00.

    Recently we read about a “FIT” program. There is a movement towards a feed in tariff program. This program is designed to pay the small energy producer for each KW produced. This is a significant change in support of “Green Energy”.

    We have worked with lending agencies and have a simplified process in place. By working with lending agencies we have virtually removed the bureaucracy of financing a wind turbine. These lending agencies know our product and have a great offer to help diminish the immediate cash outlay.

    Work on the permitting side is also developing. We have example letters to neighbors, a sample ordinance along with advice on permitting available for your use.

    Please contact us for further information or a reseller contact

    Have you looked at our brochure lately?

    Windterra is Building Tomorrow’s Energy Future …Today!

    Larry Wagner Phone 403-456-3350


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