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Will President Obama Do More For The Environment In His Second Term?


Now that the election is over, will the real environmental President Obama take center stage?  Oh wait, my mistake, Obama in my opinion wasn’t a real environmental president these past four years, so now that he has his second term in hand, will he fulfill the promises he had made to environmentalists back in 2008?  Being elected to a second term should provide President Obama with the latitude to act more forcefully on environmental issues that affect all of our health and well being.  Will he now move to support carbon caps that were the lynch pin of the Kyoto Protocol?  Will he end his support for the Keystone pipeline?  Will he seek to expand federal protection for public lands?  Not to knock him too much, the President was able to work together with the auto industry in raising the MPG targets for automobiles being sold in the U.S.  His push for more reliance on natural gas has been both positive and negative.  Positive that it helped this country reduce its dependency on foreign oil, negative because it endorsed fracking in our communities without providing the necessary safeguards to drinking water and the environment.   The president in some ways has helped the environment these past four years, but he deliberately left global warming off of the campaign trail this past season.  He was too much like Romney on this issue, no comment, and burying his head in the sand.   Hopefully this president will be a more proactive one in regards to global warming, and putting the U.S.in a leading position to make a difference in the world’s efforts to curb it.


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