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White Versus Yellow Lightbulbs?


White light versus yellow light, which colors light do you prefer?  And by prefer, I mean light coming from a light bulb.  We all grew up on the incandescent light bulb.  Some of us remember when city street lamps use to be all white, and not that sickly yellow that creates all of that light haze at night over every American city.  We now have multiple options in picking out a new light bulb that actually can save us a lot of money on our electric bill over the incandescent bulb.  Compact fluorescents, those squiggly light bulbs, have made a splash because they lower your electric bill, and have significantly come down in price.  But, there has been resistance to switching to CFL’s because most of us, including myself, complain about the yellow glow coming out of CFL’s.  I did switch to CFL’s, but after awhile figured out that the yellow light depressed me, especially in the dark short days of winter.  I wanted something whiter and brighter.  I recently, and slowly have been upgrading my home to LED bulbs.  LED”s are expensive, more so than CFL’s, and especially when compared to incandescent bulbs.  But, LED’s will last you up to 15 years, and it will give you a very bright white light.  I’ve been switching to LED’s in rooms we use the most, and it has made a marked difference in my attitude towards winter.  That bright white light just makes me feel better, physically and mentally.  You should give LED’s a chance in your home.  The more people flock to them, the lower the cost will become as manufacturers ramp up production.  On another LED note, I’ve just noticed that the town I live in is changing out those yellow streetlights to LED ones.  And the difference at night is palatable.


  1. LED’s provide the best light, hands-down, no contest. We recently purchased a new refrigerator with LED’s inside, sometimes I open the fridge just to look at the lights, they look awesome. We also switched a few areas of our house to LED’s, and they look great.

  2. “Some of us remember when city street lamps use to be all white…”
    Correction: Some of us remember when city street lamps used* to be all white..


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