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Well it’s about time don’t ya think!?  Time for us to start sharing thoughts and ideas about all things earthy.  Please bear with me as I get my blogging legs on this dry electronic beach.  As some of you know I am the founder of Earth Friendly Products.  A family run company that actually makes its own products from start to finish.  We’ve been at it for some time now.  We sustain locally, employee locally, and pay tax’s locally too.  We have four manufacturing plants around the good old USA.  All family owned and operated.

Besides sounding like a generic green company,  Earth Friendly Products sounded fairly unique when we first hit the grocers shelf.  Now everything you hear through the media is all about Earth Friendly Products.  We quite didn’t catch the same product cache as Kleenex did, but surprisingly people know us more as ECOS (ECOS is the best selling all natural laundry detergent in the US) than Earth Friendly Products.  Who would have guessed that would be the case when we started 16 years ago down this path of green goodness.

So what exactly do I plan to talk about in the earthy report?  Well basically everything earthy!  I’ve been a big proponent of everything earthy since I was 12.  I got involved in the first Earth Day movement and have never looked back.  I’ m here to serve.  I’ll look to bring you daily tid bits and an occasional company plug.  For without Earth Friendly Products all of this could not be possible.  So fellow travelers stay tuned as we journey together.  Thanks for reading, see you soon.

John Vlahakis



  1. John, Glad to see you blogging on a subject you know so well and express so passionately! I’ll be a regular subscriber to your posts! Malone

  2. Hi John, I recently discovered your product, ECOS, at our local Costco department store. My wife sent me over to get our usual laundry detergent. I saw your bottle of ECOS detergent on shelf as the labeling really does a great job of drawing your attention to the product. That is when I took a good look at your ECOS product. I really liked what I read. The idea that is was totally earth friendly, made it an easy decision for the purchase.

    John, we need more of your natural products, so get all the guys working on this for us. I had been waiting for someone produced a good, liquid all natural, laundry detergent. When I spotted the bottle, I said to myself, well, this is what I’ve been looking for!! Your directions regarding the amount of detergent for each load, is more than adequate! It really does a superior job of cleaning grease out of my work jeans. They felt more comfortable to wear as the material was quite a bit softer than it had been. These things made me a big believer in the product!

    We will be looking for various other products in the near future. Hope you would consider producing a detergent for automatic dishwashers. I know the current products are really harsh and bad for the environment.

    Larry in Tn.


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