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Just how good is the water coming out of your kitchen tap?  In a previous write up on water bottles, some of you felt that the water coming out of your tap was a possible human health hazard.  Past news coverage has highlighted that in certain areas of the U.S., the water coming out of the tap possessed pharmaceuticals.  The pharmaceuticals found in drinking water included antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones.  According to these reports potentially 41 million Americans could be impacted by this.  Governmental agencies and utilities have countered that the parts per billion and even per trillion found fall far below levels that could even be considered a medical dose.  The areas reported to have these levels of pharmaceuticals are Southern California, Northern New Jersey, Louisville, and Detroit.  The majority of water coming out of the tap around this country is treated.  Some of the treatment plants do a better job than others in removing harmful substances.  The jury is still out regarding the potential long term health hazards to people in these areas.  Local areas and the utilities involved are conducting long term studies on the impact, but they are also working to eliminate it all together from the supply source.  Unfortunately, most people at one time or another do take antibiotics, and other drugs.  These simply get flushed and into the water supply where they are treated.  Despite these facts, water out of the tap in this country is better than the rest of the world’s.  One way to get around this if your concerned is by adding a water filter for your tap.  It’s a good defense.  Now if you don’t like the taste of your water, try adding a little lemon peel to help the flavor.

John Vlahakis

What's in your water?
What's in your water?


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