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US To Buy Fuel Efficient Vehicles


President Obama yesterday ordered 17,000 fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles from GM, Ford, and Chrysler yesterday. Pulling $285 million from the stimulus monies to pay for the new vehicles. The new vehicles will be used in Federal government fleets. Besides the Federal bailout for GM and Chrysler, the President was looking for another way to assist the beleaguered US automotive industry. Now this is what a bailout should have been from the beginning. Use taxpayer money to buy US built hybrids instead of handing out cash. Buying a fuel efficient vehicle helps, but the government should have focused solely on hybrids. Every state and local government should follow this lead and replace their current vehicles with US built hybrids. Even if the hybrids are made in the US by a foreign manufacturer. These should count as well. They employ Americans and they contribute to the tax base. What’s really cool about this is the reduction in fuel that the government fleet will use, and the reduction of carbon-dioxide entering the atmosphere. Fuel savings will be around 1.3 million gallons and the carbon-dioxide reduction will be reduced by 26 million pounds. I don’t think 17,000 cars is that much of a drop in the bucket for the car industry, but it’s a great symbolic gesture, and a step in the right direction.

John Vlahakis

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  1. I very much agree with the basic ideas in this article, like having government vehicles that are eco friendly and made in the USA. I think that, made in the USA, should be the number one requirement. However, I think someone should review what the criteria is for exactly what vehicles are necessary to run the government? I don’t believe that the government should be providing vehicles to anyone unless they are very specialized to their official purpose. In other words the taxpayer should not be footing the bill for personal use vehicles for government employees and officials because after all their salaries are more than the average taxpayer already so why provide them with a car? Maybe they should be expected to purchase their own vehicles just like the rest of us. There is also some doubt in my mind as to whether hybrids are a better alternative than hydrogen or solar powered vehicles which have no harmful emissions at all. If the author of this article is referring to gasoline hybrids than we would all still be at the mercy of the gasoline companies both US and foreign and still polluting the air. Is this what we really want?

  2. Hi Alice,

    I agree with the points you’ve raised. Hybrids to me are a stop gap measure to hydrogen and full electrics. I agree on the government need for vehicles. Should be restricted to those who need it. I still feel that foreign car manufacturers that build cars here and employee Americans should benefit too. I try to keep my writings to under 300 words per day. Sometimes I can’t touch on every point. That’s why I look forward to other points of view. Thanks for taking the time to write. It is appreciated.



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