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Urine: The Latest Green Energy Source


Scientists at Ohio University have developed new technology that can convert urine into a fuel source.  Using a nickel-based electrode, the scientists can create large amounts of low cost hydrogen from urine.  The fuel created by this process can be burned or used in fuel cells.  According to the scientists, one cow can provide enough energy to power hot water for 19 homes.  Urine as a fuel source can be utilized by individuals in the field to create their own fuel supplies.  The military application has caught the Pentagon’s attention.  Every soldier could provide their own fuel needs from pee power.  Army’s could extend their supply lines by utilizing their own soldiers as a fuel source.  Urine’s major chemical component is urea.  One molecule of urea contains four atoms of hydrogen.  By sticking a special nickel electrode into a pool of urine, and applying an electric current through the electrode, the reaction then produces hydrogen gas.  Once the hydrogen gas is released, the scientists have been able to attach hydrogen to nitrogen.  By doing so, they can then store hydrogen without the need for an exotic storage environment.  The scientists have estimated that vehicles powered with this type of hydrogen could achieve fuel efficiencies in the 90 miles per gallon range.  Some of the real world applications would be found on farms. Utilizing the live stock on a farm could produce enough energy to fuel the needs of that farm.  The possibilities of utilizing pee power as a sustainable energy source are endless.  Even local municipal waste plants could separate the urine flow and convert it into a local source of sustainable energy.  Local communities could create their own power plants from this source of energy.  The scientists at Ohio University should be congratulated for coming up with such a novel idea in renewable energy.  Who would have imagined that our next fill up could come from pee power.

John Vlahakis

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