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The London Natural Product Expo is one of my favorite trade shows.  European product design is quite different from what we see in the US.  The design element extends into packaging and labeling.  I’ve always appreciated their minimalist design efforts.  Besides design the English and Europeans who exhibit at this show have an extremely high standard for organic products.  Their standards extend beyond food products.  Personal care products have a much higher threshold for calling themselves organic in the UK and Europe vs the US.  The trade groups here push the companies that exhibit to develop more organic components and products.  Sustainability of ingredients is also carefully monitored as is fair trade practices.  These issues are just beginning to gain a foothold in the US.  The exhibit is held in the Olympia Center, a Victorian age hall.  The wrought iron workmanship is something to see first hand.  They just don’t make buildings like this anymore.  Walking to and from the convention center from the hotel is an architectural tour.  Buildings from Victorian England nestle in with modern buildings and an occasional 1950’s style project looking building.  All along the way there are nothing but small retailers and busy sidewalks.  London is a great walking city from a visual standpoint.  It is one of my favorite cities to visit.

John Vlahakis

Earth Friendly Products stand in London
Earth Friendly Products stand in London


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