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Time To Eat The Dog?


Before the mass of pet loving people from around the world call for my neck, a new article from the Stockholm Environment Institute at York, UK, has purported that our pets have the environmental foot print of a car.  That fido and the cat are serious threats to the environment.

Not On The Menu
Not On The Menu

Not just from their waste and methane gas production, but the article follows their cycle from birth to death.  It covers the amount of food that is needed to be created to sustain our pets, the pet bedding, toys, clothing, trips to the vet and such.  Cat and Dog food alone are one of the major culprits to keeping pets, but even if we didn’t divert food resources to pets, we would have diverted them instead to feeding starving people.  Right now there are a billion people who are malnourished around the globe.  An extremely high number.  But, it’s not like we would end food production just to lower our carbon foot print.  Part of  the Stockholm Institute’s article places emphasis on how cats and dogs have had devastating impacts on wild life around the globe, and spread disease amongst people too.  Let’s not forget about these tiny fleas and ticks our pets like to bring home.  Dogs and cats are not the only pets being criticized here: Goldfish and hamsters have an environmental footprint equal to running a plasma TV for a year in your home.  The dog cat thing equates to a vehicle’s environmental footprint.  Unfortunately, the article does not cover the importance to our mental well being that a pet provides its owner with.  Nor does it comment on the use of a pet to attract the opposite sex.  Pets can pose environmental issues for us pet owners.  I know, because I’m one of them, and dealing with the waste thing on a daily basis can be a drag.  But, on the other hand, he’s a great companion that doesn’t talk back to you.  I’m not so sure we’re ready for doggie on a stick, as a solution for lowering our carbon foot print.

John Vlahakis


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