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This Changing The Clocks Thing Must End


This Sunday on November 5 we will be turning the clocks back one hour, in essence ending Daylight Savings Time (DST). winter We’ve covered this before in the earthy report, (and we’re against ending it) but it’s an issue that is gaining a chorus of supporters to end the practice. Scientists in the UK and Russia are pushing their politicians to enact legislation to end the practice.  The U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, Russia and parts of the Middle East continue to use DST, with the exception of Arizona, Hawaii, and parts of Eastern Europe.  According to two separate studies, ending Daylight Savings Time would save energy and is better for people’s health.  The British Medical Journal’s sponsored research shows people feel happier, more energetic and have lower sickness rates in the longer, brighter days of summer, whereas moods and health decline during duller days of winter. Leaving the clocks alone in winter should be considered to encourage people to get out more and get more exercise, and could boost levels of vitamin D. A study published earlier this year found that advancing clocks by an hour in the winter would lead to energy savings of at least 0.3 percent of daily electricity demand in Britain, an equivalent savings of 450,000 metric tons of CO2 during winter alone.  Ending the practice of DST is an accessible low cost alternative to saving energy and boosting the health levels of the population.  It costs us nothing, and it would be an extremely popular move.  It’s time to end it now.


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