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Thirty-Six Years in the Making


What a surprise to the American automobile industry that after 36 years of oil shocks, gasoline price fluctuations, the US Government is on the verge of nationalizing them.  After 36 years of not being able to produce vehicles that matched the quality of foreign imports and their fuel mileage advantages, we now have an industry on the verge of bankruptcy.  What didn’t their management get?  After the first oil shock in 1973 they should have been all over improving fuel efficiency in their vehicles.  When the JD Powers rankings came out touting foreign built cars, they should have been all over it.  They only reacted and never innovated.  Toyota and Honda have become leaders in hybrid vehicles, where is Detroit?  GM placed its bets on hydrogen.  Well, where is it?  Thirty six years later it still is not a production vehicle.  Ford came out with two hybrid models after the Japanese did.  Well, where are the rest?  Hybrids should be available for every model they make.  Fuel standards should have been set to 50 MPG along time ago.  Now the funny thing about all of this is that our government is telling Detroit to get concessions from their unions and suppliers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if local, state, and federal governments asked their employees for concessions in benefits, and pensions to finally match what we all in the private sector have to deal with.  Imagine the cost savings to taxpayers on that alone.  That probably won’t happen for another 36 years.

John Vlahakis

One of the EFP vehicles
One of the EFP vehicles


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