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The Many Uses Of Olive Oil


Olive oil has been around for some 6000 years.  Man has used it for a variety of purposes, and most of us enjoy it in the foods we prepare.  However, as the ancients knew, olive oil has multiple uses around your home.  As a remedy, it has been used to cure dry itchy skin, soothe your throat, hair treatment for lice, earaches, and as a sexual lubricant.  The multi-tasking olive oil can be used as a furniture polish, (Earth Friendly Products makes a furniture polish with virgin olive oil), shoe polish, hinge lubricant (instead of using a petroleum based product like WD-40), bath oil (just add two to three teaspoons to your bath), eye makeup remover (just dab a little on a cotton pad and everything will wipe off freely), smooth shave –legs or face, sticker removal (apply some olive oil on the sticker, let sit for a few minutes, and viola, sticker and residue easily removed.  Surprisingly olive oil can be used to polish and buff stainless steel and brass surfaces.  Just use a cloth add olive oil wipe down the surfaces and follow with a dry cloth.  You’ll be amazed as to shine you get.  You can even remove bubble gum out of your kid’s hair.  Just soak the gum for 5 to 10 minutes and then pull the gum out of the hair.  No need to cut the hair.  For any of your survivalists out there just buy a bunch of oil lamp wicks for when the power goes out, place the wick in a jar, add olive oil and you’ll have your very own lamp fueled by olive oil.  Ancients knew about this one too.  Doesn’t’ matter if you use virgin or non-virgin olive oil.  They all work the same.


  1. I always have olive oil on hand for cooking. It is my number one choice, even when it comes to baking sweets! I am surprised at some of these tips and will give them a try. Stainless steal polish and sticky label removal are top on my list… Thanks!


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