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Tesla S Wins Motor Trend Car Of The Year


The 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year has all the features you’d expect from a vehicle that has earned that honor.  It has a light body, advanced design, a roomy cabin, and plenty of load capacity.  What the Tesla Model S doesn’t have is an internal combustion engine. And for all of you gear heads out there it has one throaty sounding propulsion system that gives you the audio thrill of driving a heaped out muscle car.  It is the first car ever to get Motor Trends Car of the Year award without an internal combustion engine.  Motor Trend heaps praise on the Model S, saying it drives like a sports car and sashays like a supermodel working a Paris catwalk.  This all-electric supermodel starts at $58,570 and has a range of 265 miles. That’s not enough for a cross-country road trip; though a new network of Supercharger fast charging stations could make it more practical for long journeys.  Tesla is putting money into creating such a national interstate network.  This could be an opportunity for green entrepreneurs.  Motor Trend has come a long way since Cadillac took home the honors for the first Motor Trend Car of the Year back in 1949.  That behemoth sported a honking V8 engine and enough chrome to blot out the sun.  Tesla is opening show rooms around the U.S. and is allowing interested consumers to test drive one from their showrooms.  It’s a great driving experience.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motor Company


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