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Tacky Ad Campaign Exploits Spill


Spirit Airlines has reached an all time low in corporate advertising. Seeking to take advantage of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill, Spirit launched a new coupon based ad campaign highlighting the “oil” on their beaches.  Primarily the “oil” found on the beaches of the cities they serve as an airline normally is found in women’s mud wrestling.  Granted, the communities Spirit services, are probably delighted by the attention the media is lavishing on this new campaign.  I’m sure these cities would do anything to bring in the tourists to the Florida cities that Spirit serves.  Spirit Airlines was recently in the news over their pilots strike, and once having that settled, decided to launch a raunchy campaign to lure back their customers.  By the way it looks in their current ad campaign, the only consumers they seem to be catering to be are young hormonal males.  It’s too bad Spirit couldn’t find a better way to appeal to people’s desire to help those communities being impacted by the oil spill, instead of appealing to the seedier side.  This is corporate advertising at it’s worst.  Almost as bad as the Viagra spam’s that seem to keep ending up in my mailbox.  Spirit has a history of advertising to the basest denominator.  Common ad campaigns from Spirit included running “Red Light Specials”, and “We’re Proud of our DDs!” — by which they say they mean “Deep Discounts”. I guess you can’t expect too much from a discount airline that’s trying to fill their cheap seats.  I guess you get what you pay for here, but considering the pain that those around the Gulf are experiencing, it’s just plain insensitive.


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