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Strawberries And Alcohol


Sorry to disappoint, this is not a primer on strawberry daiquiris.  A European team of researchers has found that eating strawberries can reduce the harmful effects that alcohol has on the stomach mucous membrane.  Published in the open access journal Plos One, the study may contribute to the treatment of stomach ulcers.  The researchers have found that a diet rich in strawberries has a protecting impact on stomach mucous membrane, and can reduce gastritis or inflammation of the membrane caused by alcohol consumption.  The study also found that strawberries could lessen the inflammation caused by viral infections, the use of aspirin, or medication that is used to treat against Helicobacter pylori bacteria.  The researchers feel that a diet of strawberries can slow down the formation of stomach ulcers.  Strawberries showed strong antioxidant activity within the stomach and the fruits properties increased the release of antioxidant enzymes within the stomach.  For any consumer of alcoholic beverages this could be a natural preventative step to protecting your stomach from the ravages of alcohol.  Not sure if chocolate covered strawberries would act as a super oxidant for your stomach and heart, but I’m sure we’d have a lot of volunteers for that study if the researchers decided to pursue that research.



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