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Despite the current recession Earth Friendly Products is moving ahead to convert their manufacturing facilities into solar powered plants.  Currently there are plans to convert our four facilities around the country.  The first plant to get converted will be Garden Grove, CA.  The solar installations are being installed by a new division of Earth Friendly Products.  The new panels utilize micro electric systems to maximize the output of each panel.  We’ve gone into the home and commercial solar installation business.  Something you don’t normally see from a household brands company.  This furthers our mission in reducing our carbon footprint, and in the reduction of our fossils fuel usage.  Each facility should be converted by the end of 2009.  Following California will be our new facility in Addison, Illinois, then Opa Locka, Florida, and finally our Norwood, New Jersey plant.  To say the least we are excited about reducing our electric bill.  According to the engineers we may produce as much electricity as we would have pulled from the electric company from each of our solar roofs.  Our total solar roof coverage should be around 230,000 square feet.

John Vlahakis

Solar roof getting inspected.
Solar roof getting inspected.


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