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Shopping Is Fun Again


Has the shopping fatigue set in?  Has the frantic nature of this holiday season sent you to off to your local pub?  It’s the last day before Christmas, and I hope you have finished adding your contribution to the national economy.  Tis the season to spend and consume.

State Street- That Great Street
State Street- That Great Shopping Street

Hopefully the majority of us have gone beyond just spending, and are contributing time and money to worthwhile organizations in need.  Shopping is Fun Again, is a slogan that Old Navy used on top of a building, on one of their stores in downtown Chicago.  I found it ironic, since shopping in an Old Navy store is anything but fun.  Long lines, lots of noise, and people jostling for position on securing low cost merchandise.  I’m not quite sure where the fun is in all of that.  But, the funny thing about the sign, was it’s location – on top of the building facing an office building.  Not a lot  of exposure, and those people who work in that office building are constantly reminded that it’s fun to shop again.  Enough to drive you to drink.  We are a consumption oriented society that hijacked the religious symbolism of one religion, and repackaged it for a new one- consumerism.  Granted that same religion hijacked the celebration of the solar eclipse from another one to push their own agenda.  So I guess it’s only fair that they lose it to the new religion that dominates the globe now.  All of this consumerism does keep people employed and nations from fighting with each other, but we are hurting the planet and ourselves by this unchecked global consumption of goods.  Personally I find nothing enjoyable about going to a mall.  I find it a waste of time, resources, and a health hazard.  They should follow Vegas’ lead and start pumping pure oxygen into those stores.  My shopping this year was on line, and I took advantage of using delivery methods that maximize resources, and kept me from driving around.  Perhaps one day we will move away from it being all about the shopping, and spend more time celebrating the winter solstice.  Peace on Earth.

John Vlahakis


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