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Searching For The Perfect Light


As a homeowner or businessperson the drive to lower your operating costs always takes a front seat. Being environmentally driven can make that a difficult proposition.  Recently I’ve been looking at ways to further reduce the amount of electricity we use at the home and office.  I made the switch a while ago to CFL bulbs, even though they were more expensive to incandescent bulbs.  Fortunately, the cost of CFL bulbs continues to decline to levels often found on incandescent bulbs.  But, even with the switch, I have not noticed a huge savings in my electric bill.  Writing a blog on environmental issues exposes you to a variety of green solutions.  One of the solutions I’m experimenting with are LED bulbs.   These bulbs are very expensive.  Too expensive to entertain switching out the whole house to them.  But, over time that is my intent.  What I really like about these bulbs is the light they provide.  Bright white instead of the pale yellow CFL’s put out.  LED’s bulbs are getting close to the wattage output we’ve all been use to from the old incandescent bulbs, without the wattage draw.   At the office it’s an entirely different story.  We’re swapping out the old with the new LED’s, even changing our EXIT signs to LED ones too.  Googling LED bulbs will take you to a plethora of web sites that sell these bulbs.  Check around, prices really vary, but are generally cheaper than those found at storefront retail locations.   One site I found is 1000bulbs.com that carry a very extensive line of LED’s, the only down side is that they seem to always be out of stock.  Which is a good thing if public demand is that strong.

Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg News


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