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Salt Lake City Doctors Raise Warnings Over Local Pollution


For those of you living in Salt Lake City you probably are aware that a group of Utah doctors is declaring a health emergency over the city area’s lingering air pollution problem.  Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment planned to deliver a petition Wednesday demanding immediate action by elected officials.  The group wants Gov. Gary Herbert and mayors of northern Utah cities to cut the pollution.  The doctors suggest lowering highway speed limits, making mass transit free for the winter and curbing industrial activities. They want a permanent ban on wood-burning. And they want large employers to let people work from home.  The doctors are advising people to avoid the outdoors. They say people can help their bodies fight toxic exposure by introducing anti-oxidants in their diet, like fish oil or chocolate.  Those of you planning on visiting that city should take the proper precautions in dealing with the current crisis, and to do your best to exit the city as quickly as possible.



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