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Pulled Beverage Being Converted Into Ethanol


There is a highly caffeinated alcoholic drink called Four Loko that represents a serious health hazard to individuals that consume this drink.  The FDA contacted the manufacturers of this drink and has told them that the beverages were dangerous and caused users to become “wide-awake drunk.” The FDA issued warning letters to four companies on November 17, 2010.  The agency called the caffeine an “unsafe food additive.” Warning letters were sent to Phusion Projects, Charge Beverages Corp., New Century Brewing Co. and United Brands Company Inc. Health experts have raised concerns that the caffeine can mask a person’s perception of intoxication, leading them to drink more than they typically would before passing out. Many of those who consume the drinks are college-age and underage drinkers.  Wholesalers who were selling the drink have now begun to pull the beverage off the market, and have diverted it to ethanol recycling facilities to have the drink converted into ethanol.  The high alcohol content allows for an easy conversion to ethanol. Over 200,000 cases of Four Loko are being recycled into ethanol. The four companies decided to pull their beverages from stores or reformulate them to remove caffeine or other stimulants after the FDA’s ruling.


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