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Plastic or Reusable Bags?


Not sure if you saw this one in the papers yesterday, but a new study criticized the use of reusable shopping bags over plastic ones. The 15 page study highlighted that reusable bags are bacteria cesspools and pose a health hazard to the public. The study sites that liquids from red meat and poultry seep into the bags and create a human health hazard. Other molds from fruit and vegetables can also be left behind in reusable bags. Plastic bags on the other hand tend not be reused in carrying groceries back and forth, but are usually disposed of immediately. Vinyl and cloth bags, even organic ones, were cited as being the type of bags that pose a public health risk. The report did not speculate on the impact of washing out the bags on a regular basis to maintain a higher level of sanitary usage. The most interesting fact of this study was the name of the group that sponsored it: Canada’s Environment and Plastics Industry Council. I’m not sure when plastics industry and environment became synonymous. I’m more amazed that the media covered this story as real news from a reliable source.

John Vlahakis

Our reusable bag!
Our reusable bag!


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