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Phosphates still an Issue


In 1974 when the US EPA was created one of their first efforts at regulating pollution was a phosphate ban on laundry detergents.  Phosphates found in laundry detergents had a devastating effect on aquatic life.  Waste water treatment plants had an extremely difficult time in eradicating phosphates out of their systems.  Within a short time all laundry detergents had removed phosphates from their formulas.  The problem with phosphates is that they still can be found in auto dish detergents, like Cascade and other household cleaners.  Auto dish detergents which are used in washing machines still contain phosphates.  The City of Chicago banned phosphates in auto dish detergents, but never enforced the ban.  Their claim was that no product exists without phosphates in this category.  Well that’s not true.  (Just look to our Wave Auto Dish, it’s even made in Illinois.) I even testified at the state capitol in Illinois that our company did indeed have a phosphate free formula, (one that is patent pending), and that a total ban on phosphates would not impact consumers.  Four counties in Washington State have banned phosphates in all products.  Minnesota, Illinois, New York and California have legislation on the books that will go into effect soon.   It’s amazing that after 35 years our government cannot enforce a total phosphate ban in household products.  Maybe this is one more change that could occur in Washington this year.

John Vlahakis

Phosphate free Wave Auto Dish
Phosphate free Wave Auto Dish


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