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Phone Book Season Adds Up To Waste


The Ubiquitous phone book, commonly known as the yellow pages, has out lived its usefulness in our modern times. Does anyone under 55 use the phone book? It’s that time of year again, right before spring training opens that your local telephone company decides to leave a five-pound present by your front door.

Ready For The Landfill

I cringe at the thought if it’s raining when they do drop it off. That five-pound phone book turns into ten pounds of unusable pulp. If you live in an apartment building you’ve seen the proliferation of yellow page droppings. Maybe 50 or more books sitting at the mailbox area, just assuming you’re going to pick that book up and lug it up to your apartment. Yellow pages are a thing of the past. The landfills are filled to the brim with these things. I really wonder just how many of them are actually being recycled. Some communities do not want you to throw those phone books in with the rest of recycling. Many have specific pick up dates to just pick up those old phone books. I know that phone books generate lots of revenue for the phone companies. And I know that a lot of people just love to see their name in them, but the wireless world we live in has made the yellow pages obsolete. Smart phones and the Internet provide you with the listings you are looking for, and most have the added benefit of write up reviews that adjoin the listings you are looking at. Yellow pages are a waste of resources in our new finite world. We can save on the amount of pulp needed to print these, and the savings in fuel to transport them to everyone’s home and business. Dropping the yellow pages would lower our emissions of green house gases. Take the time to contact your local telephone company and ask them to come back and pick up their book, and if you can’t find the number, look it up; it’s on the third page of your yellow pages.

John Vlahakis


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