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Agriculture production creates excess plant material that can not be utilized for the kitchen table. The USDA estimates that only 30% of all harvests actually make it to the table. Leaving an unbelievable waste of 70% in production efficiencies. Most of this waste is discarded. There are solutions to this waste. Right now in North America there are 60 energy plants that are taking plant waste and converting it too fuel to run their operations. The process begins with removing all water from the plant material. The dehydration process is then followed by grinding the plant material. The plant material is turned into a powder which then is pressurized into pellets. The pellets are used as a fuel source. A blower is added to the burn process to increase the heat energy that is being released. There is even a 3400 square foot home in Idaho that runs exclusively on plant pellet power and that is totally off the grid. I have not seen the physical equipment set up on this home, but if it could be mass produced, this could easily be another way to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

John Vlahakis

Farm plant waste ready to be processed
Farm plant waste ready to be processed


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