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Pedal Powering Christmas Lights


With a nod to the international climate change negotiations, the city of Copenhagen, is powering its annual Christmas tree display with people pedal power.  The traditional 17 meter high Christmas tree  is being lit up by 700 L.E.D. lights.

Copenhagen Tree
Copenhagen Tree

The Christmas tree is located in Copenhagen’s City Hall Square.  The square has been equipped with 15 bicycles which, when pedaled, light up the 700 LED bulbs on the tree.  The carbon-light approach to lighting the traditional Christmas tree is one of the attractions being organized for visiting negotiators, in the latest round of international climate change talks, which start next week. The purpose of these meetings is to establish treaties to limit the amount of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere.  Pedal powering a city hall Christmas tree is a novel idea.  This is an example that every community should follow.  It is an excellent way to highlight low carbon approaches to powering community events.  It is a way to connect people within their own communities, and foster greener holiday fellowship.  But, it should not end with the holidays.  Can you imagine if pedal power stations were set up around different areas within your town?   It could be a great way to foster community participation in building awareness for low carbon living, and it can offer a quick workout while your in town.  Benefiting not only the local environment, but people’s health too.  Why not place a pedal power station within your office, school, and home.  Where else could you get a work out and maybe power the laptop at the same time?

John Vlahakis


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