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Passive Homes-The Future In Housing


Ever hear of a passive home?  Do you know anyone who lives in one?  What is a passive home? A passive home is purposefully designed to be an unbroken airtight structure.  They are orientated towards the sun, and have super thick insulation that requires minimum heating.  In fact the majority of structures built in this manner have no HVAC units.  Most of the passive homes built can derive all of the warmth they need from body heat.  They are not large homes, tending to max out at 2,000 square feet of living space.  So if your use to a MacMansion this probably won’t rock your boat.  But, passive homes use 90 percent less energy than conventional American homes.  Adding solar panels to a passive home could even drive your energy usage to zero, perhaps you could even sell some of that juice back to your local utility.  Building a passive home is not for the faint of heart.  It is a more expensive home than traditionally built homes in the U.S., but it could be the future of home building once developers can get the hang of it.  In fact only thirteen have been built in the entire U.S., while over 25,000 certified passive structures have been built in Europe.  Passive homes far exceed all current LEED and Energy Star standards.  Unfortunately, passive homes are not in line for tax credits or other energy stimulus programs.  The notion of passive homes is an unfamiliar concept to local and federal government agencies that dole out these programs.  That needs to change.  Our governments need to examine all options in reducing our fossil fuel use and green house gases – passive home subdivisions would go a long way to solving these problems quickly.


  1. cool, but how much more expensive? why?
    and no, governments do not need to examine anything. no more subsidies – for anything. if you want a passive home, fine, pay for it.

  2. Too many so-called solutions to environmentqal problems are affordable only for the very rich, and very soon most of them will be living in tax-free Monaco or somewhare. personally, I would feel imprisoned living in a sealed structure. Time enough for that when I am dead.

    There are, however, some interesting articles on your site that I’m sure are bringing universal praise.


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