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Oil Drilling Should Pause


What would you do if in your neighborhood 210,000 gallons of oil spilled onto your lawn, streets, schoolyards, parks, or just about anywhere you walked or drove to? How about if those 210,000 gallons turned out to be a daily dump into your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, and kept going on and on.  This isn’t a rerun of the Beverley Hillbillies.  This is what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now.  Granted isn’t your neighborhood, and this catastrophe hasn’t hit the beaches-yet.  But it will.  It will be an ecological disaster that will take years to fix.  This catastrophe exceeds the worst-case scenario presented by British Petroleum when they filed for permission to build the oil platform in the Gulf.  Imagine that.  An oil company that down plays the worst-case scenario of oil spills impact on the environment.  Who’s guarding the chicken coop here?  It’s not just BP’s fault here.  The agency that regulates such things, Interior Department’s Minerals and Management Service did not require BP to file a scenario for potential blowout, referring to the sudden release of oil from a well.  BP’s worst-case estimate was 162,000 gallons per day, not 210,000.  Quite a number’s difference.  But, what I find amazing is that our own government would even allow BP’s worst-case estimate to stand.  Isn’t there a better way to contain such an accident?  Are there no better safe guards or containment options when we allow a rig to be set up in water?  The current administration wants to encourage new drilling and is getting Congress to go along with this.  An accident like this should pause the administration from pushing more offshore drilling.  We do not have the means to prevent such ecological disasters, and we should, prior to moving full speed ahead to new off shore drilling.


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