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Have you heard of the No Impact Man, Colin Beavan?  Colin is coming out this fall with a documentary and a book highlighting his one year journey of being the No Impact Man.  What is a No Impact Man you ask?  For those of you who know, bear with me for the moment.   No Impact Man asked his wife and daughter to forsake the things they’ve taken for granted.  Things like electricity, cars, trains, planes, buses, eating out, or acting like an ordinary consuming American.  They could not use the elevator in any building, and they live in New York City.  They could only buy foods that were in season.  Purchasing most of everything they ate at farmers markets.  They had to give up their TV, and had it removed from their apartment.  Water usage was kept to a minimum and there was no hot water.  Everything they did was to reduce their CO2 emissions to zero and have no impact on the utilization of resources.  One of the more light hearted moments is his wife’s refusal to give up her latte habit from Starbuck’s.  Having no impact in our own lives I’m sure would be most difficult.   I’m not sure I could give up all of the creature comforts I have come to take for granted.  Like electricity.  Though the one exception in his life was his laptop.  They still connected themselves to the web. It would be a noble experiment if we all tired it for one year.  Who knows we may end up with a richer lifestyle.

John Vlahakis



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