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New Frog Species Found In New York City


Occasionally we hear of a new species being discovered in some far-flung place on the planet.  Perhaps found in Africa, the Amazon, or other distant place that has little to do with man’s presence.  But, yesterday the New York Times reported that a new species of leopard frog had been discovered on one of the five boroughs of New York City.  The frog was found hiding in plain sight on Staten Island.  The New York Times reports the find is surprising because the frog was discovered in one of the world’s most populated urban areas.  Researchers say the new frog species was confused for a long time with a frog it closely resembles, the southern leopard frog.  So far, the new species has been positively identified on Staten Island. A Rutgers University doctoral candidate in ecology and evolution says it probably inhabited the city’s other boroughs at one time.  Jeremy Feinberg also found specimens in parts of New Jersey and to counties north of New York City, all within commuting distance of Manhattan.  It’s kind of nice that Mother Nature can throw us a curve ball now and then.  Imagine a new species of frog living in New York City. Who would have ever guessed that?


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