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These recessionary times have spurred Americans to rethink how they are spending their dollars.  They are eating out less, spending less on discretionary items, putting off new car buying, (unless you participated in the cash for clunker program), and raising their own chickens.  Yes, you read right, raising their own chickens.  Seems that a lot of people think things are going to get economically worst, and partially brought on by all of the recent food scares, raising chickens in your back yard has made a comeback.  I know in my neighborhood this would not be a welcomed addition to my back yard landscape.  But, there are lot of communities in the U.S. that still allow you to raise your own poultry.  Some local regulations allow you to have the chick, but not the rooster.  It seems that all of these new found back yard chicken farmers are also helping out the U.S. Postal Service.  Seems you can mail order your chicks right to your home.  The USPS has mailed over 1.2 million pounds of packages carrying chicks, a 7 percent increase over the previous year.  The chicks are being raised for their egg production.  With enough chicks you can generate 2 dozen eggs a week.  Feed stock stores are experiencing boom times in this economic climate due to the massive growth of home raised chicken farming.   Local ordinances do not allow you to butcher your own chickens, but you can take them down to your local butcher for that service, if your neighborhood still has a butcher.  The press on raising your own chickens seems to focus just on the eggs, and the organic egg equation does not seem to be that important to those raising their own chicks.  The economic side to raising your own chicks versus store bought is that you lose money on the whole deal.  Now that is the new era deal for deficit chicken spending.

John Vlahakis

Chicks in Suburbia!?
Chicks in Suburbia!?


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