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New Cloud Formation


In the UK there is an organization called The Cloud Appreciation Society. They have proposed the listing of a new cloud formation that has begun to manifest itself around the globe. The new cloud formation is called Asperatus. The word is derived from Latin for roughen or agitate. The cloud image picture shown below has an alien or science fiction feel to it. The CAS has a web site that highlights all types of cloud formations, but seems to feel that this phenomena is unusual enough to warrant its own description in science. I first came across a photo of an asperatus cloud formation and had considered it to have been manipulated in Photoshop. It just seemed to unreal to have been real. As beautiful as these new cloud formations are, you begin to wonder if the climatic shifts going on in the world are creating these new cloud formations. The weather extremes that are being reported around the world regarding rising temperatures and drought could be behind these atmospheric conditions. Extreme weather is not associated with these clouds, but what atmospheric conditions cause such expansive imagery? If your interested in seeing some really exceptional cloud images visit cloudappreciationsociety.org.

John Vlahakis

Asperatus Cloud Formation
Asperatus Cloud Formation



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