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Just when you think you’ve seen it all in corporate natural marketing claims, along comes a product that just cracked me up today. Walking the aisles of COSTCO today I came across Pepsi’s new natural product called Natural Pepsi. Greatly intrigued by this, especially seeing that it was packaged in a plain brown colorless box, I enquired as to what was natural about this new Pepsi product. It seems that the marketing folks at Pepsi decided to add back real sugar into Pepsi. This as they claim was the original Pepsi. The stuff made with real sugar versus all of the artificial crap that they put in their product now. The new stuff even comes in a glass bottle versus a plastic one, and the product is a bit paler than the current color. From what I’ve gleaned from their press releases it also has less calories, due their use of natural cane sugar versus corn syrup, and that there is less fizz to it as well. I guess they removed the phosphoric acid from this product. It’s funny how these main stay companies are headed back to their roots now that the green movement is firmly here for good. Pepsi calls this product Pepsi Raw in the UK. I guess we’ll have to wait for Coca Cola Natural now. I wonder if they’ll put the cocaine back into that product when they relaunch it?

John Vlahakis

A plug for Pepsi Natural, unintentional.
A plug for Pepsi Natural, unintentional.


  1. well i would have to say coke would win the war if they added cocaine back in. especially if they dropped the sugar altogether. after all real sugar is better than hfcs, but any sugar in the doses that are offered in these drinks are the real problem wrt obesity, cancer, depleted immune system, loss of energy( after the buzz burns off), and many other ills as well.
    just an other example of “NOT GETTING IT”

  2. I an just glad they are going back to real sugar instead of HFCS’s. Even if the only reason they are doing it is the price of corn has risen so that real sugar is not economically feasible, I do think it tastes better with real sugar!


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