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The ultimate in nappy recycling can be found in Toronto, Canada. Nappy is a British term for diapers. Recycling soiled diapers is not a common feature in the American recycling landscape. Toronto it seems has the best recycling program in this hemisphere. Besides the usual bottles, paper, and glass recycling Toronto has elevated the art of taking soiled diapers and turning it into compost. In fact, they also pick up used kitty litter, plastic newspaper bags filled with fido waste, and sanitary napkins. It’s called their Green Bin program. Can’t imagine what they would call it here. All of this animal and human waste is processed and then sold back to the public as useable lawn and garden compost. The plastic fibers from this type of waste are separated and then recycled into plastic pellets (no pun intended) that are utilized in creating play grounds, park benches, and parking lot car stops. This is truly an exemplary program in recycling, one that needs to be replicated globally.

John Vlahakis

Nappy Recycling Center
Nappy Recycling Center


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