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Montana Orders Shoot To Kill On Wolves


Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer the other day closed off the state to transporting bison that left Yellowstone to slaughterhouses.  It was a political tightrope act for the governor in trying to appease his rancher and environmentalist constituencies.  An act we supported. Yesterday Governor Schweitzer sent a letter to the Department of Interior and said he is authorizing Montana game officials to kill off entire wolf packs in his state to protect ranchers cattle and the lucrative elk hunting herds.  The letter and action violates the Endangered Species Act of which the wolves are covered by.  There are roughly 150 wolves in the entire state of Montana.  There are over 3,000,000 cattle, and just within the boundaries of Yellowstone there are 15,000 elk.  This does not include the 160,000 elk that freely roam Montana.  Wolves as a predatory species cull the weak and sick elk from the herds.  One pack will eat one elk per week, or other species in the park.  Elk in Yellowstone have devastated the natural flora because of over grazing due to the size of their herds.  When wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone they brought the number of elk back down to their proper levels that the park could sustain.  The wolves initially expanded because there were so many elk, but now their own populations have dropped in response to the lower number of elk.  Wolves play an important role in maintaining a proper eco system.  Shooting them for killing an occasional cow, or elk on rancher’s properties is not the answer.  The wolves play too vial of a role in maintaining balance throughout the Rockies.


  1. More short term thinking &attitudes of instant gratification that leads to worse outcomes in the mid to long term. Where are the grown ups in our leadership?? These actions are immature.
    Add a email petition link. I’ll sign it!

  2. This is the most ridiculas thing I have read in a long time. It really upsets me to think one man can set back the whole evolution of one species that mankind almost hunted to extinction!! Wolves are a very important part of yellowstone’s environment. Mr. Schweitzer needs to do his job and come up with a real solution for the ranchers and not give them an easy way out. It seems to me he does’nt have his whole states intrest at hand. I hope the good people of Montana see how wrong this is and get involved and do something about it!!! This is wrong what this man is going to let happen to these wolves.

  3. More predation = lower population of prey species = higher quality of life for individual prey species = strong reproduction = more prey = more predation and repeat. This is a natural cycle that wildlife managers in the west have finally harnessed by reintroducing wolves into the area. The positive effects of this balance can be seen all the way down to the plant level.

    In the east where people are too many wildlife managers use hunting permits to harvest and control the population of prey species like whitetail. out west people are too few so wolves are the balancing force. Wildlife managers worked for years to achieve this cyclic balance only to have it ruined by one politician’s penstroke.

    The reality is that the good people of montana have little knowledge of ecosystem management, and rightfully so, they are cowboys. Tending cattle puts bread on their table and keeps the lights on, not to mention they provide our nation beef. However, the states leadership ought to know that he is a steward for the land as well as for the people and finding a common ground is more important than just letting the cowboy chase the “indians”.

    Perhaps a tax write off for all, if any, cattle lost is the answer. That is of course, if the cowboys can be honest about their losses. Regardless however, 150 wolves divided into, we’ll say, 15 packs eat 750 large prey animals a year. If cattle are a third of their diet then losses equal .008% of the cattle population. At 300 bucks a head that’s 75 grand a year for the whole state. Considering the positive impact that wolves have on the ecosystem I’d say that the loss is negligible.

  4. So, let me get this straight. The wolves have to go to save the catle to feed the humans, who has caused the problem in the frist place. Ok I understand that we need to eat, but what do the wolves get to eat. like they said the wolves are helping the catle, by eating the weak. It’s just the greed of the framers, because they want the money. The cowboys can speak up for the catle, but who’s gonna speak up the the wolves.

  5. Schweitzer is doing the right thing in Montana. The Canadain wolf should not have ever been listed as endangered in the United States in the first place. This is not home range of Canadain wolf. For an animal to be protected under The Endangered Speices Act it has to be in it’s native home range this Canadain wolf is out of it’s native home range here in the United States. This is abuse of The Endangered Speices Act. This Canadain wolf is not the same wolf that lives here. This wolf is larger,runs in larger packs, And kills just for the hell of it. Not only do they kill prey animals that they don’t eat, but also other predators, such as coyotes, mt.loins, and even bears that they don’t even eat. The Canadain wolf is THE WORST CRIME EVER COMMETTED ON OUR NATIVE WILDLIFE EVER IN THIS COUNTRY! And should have never been brought into the United States. Emotions are running very high in Idaho,Montana, and Wyomnimg right now with the slaughter of their wildlife,pets and livestock. I live in Colorado, but I have been in Montana talked to people and seen what’s happening, and it’s sicking! When we got back to Colorado from Montana two tears ago, I told people that vacation was the worst vacation I’ve ever been on. These wolf idiots are destroying these states. What gives these idiots the right to inflict so much pain and suffering on the people and wildlife of these states?

  6. You city slickers stay in your cities and out of our wilderness and our lives, and us country boys & gals will be more than happy to stay out of your filthy cities and your “O”way of exisitence. As I read some of the comments written on these sites it’s unbelieveable that people really think that this non-native Canadian wolf belongs here. It goes to show exactly how dumb and gullible some people really are in this country. You city people really do need to get a life. Please stay out of things that you don’t understand. Our wildlife was doing just fine before this whole wolf mess. These pro-wolf people are stealing from every American in this country in one way or another. The people that give them their hard earned money are being made complete fools of. I’m sure they the wolf people are laughing all the way to to bank. I’ve heard 4.7 billion.

  7. “I predict that you are going to have major impacts from wolves in this state…I predict major elk decline…wolves repeatedly depress moose, caribou and elk populations while studying them throughout Canada…I’ve watched herd after herd [of caribou] go EXTINCT across Canada…The problem, wolves have no know predators to keep them in balance with the ecosystem.”

    —— Tom Bergerud, 1994
    Top British Columbia wolf expert

  8. Hunters only take the animals that the ecosystem can afford to have taken to mantain healthy herds. Wolves killing our native wildlife and other predators is totally out of control. These wolves are destroying the wildlife in this country at an alarming rate. These wolves are way out of whack with the ecosystem. As stated before 300 wolves with a buffer of 150 is what science says is all that the native wildlife can handle in this country and still maintain their numbers. Wildlife bioliogist do counts on elk, deer, moose, antelope etc. in the spring every year to figure out how to set licence numbers for the next fall hunts. They figure out how many males and females of a speices can be taken to keep the herds healthy and in balance with their habitat. Hunters have been paying the bill threw sales taxes on guns, ammunition, licences etc. now for over 100 years to manage the wildlife in this great country. One of the greatest succuss stories in this great nation. Don’t let a bunch of people destroy our native wildlife threw peoples emotions. Instead lets use the true bioliogist and science, and do what’s right and been working now for over 100 years. Yellowstone is a little different story their has never been any hunting allowed in the park. There where some big fires in Yellowstone in 1988. After the fires it created a lot more feed for the ungulate herds, and their numbers went up because of this. Canadian bioliogist told these people and our government that if you could high fence Yellowstone National Park so that none of the wildelife could get in or out of the park, and introduce the Canadian wolf. That the Canadian wolves would kill off every prey animal and all other pretators within Yellowstone and eventually kill themselfs off. You see Yellowstone would be a dead park with no wildlife at all left in Yellowstone Park. So see this notion that these wolves only kill the weak and sick is only one of the lies we are hearing from these people. These people try to make it sound like taking a wolf to save other wildlife that has to be done to keep things in balance is wrong. This is what has to happen or someday we will not have any of the native wildlife that we all love to see in this country. God put the wildlife on this planet for us as a natural resource to hunt for as food like has been done for millions of years now, not to be destroyed with a bunch of propaganda, lies, and politics. We must learn not to trust the wolf people and do the research to figure out what this whole wolf thing is really all about. Then makeup our own minds who’s in this whole thing just for the money. The sportsmen in this country are paying the bills to manage the wildlife and save habitat for wildlife in this country. The pro-wolf people are stealing from every American in this country in one way or another, by destroying our wildlife for the money. A true animal lover respects all wildlife not pick and choose. By condemning our native wildlife to death by a non-native wolf that is out of control and should have never been brought into the United States is just plain wrong. Yes this is not the same wolf that lives here. Much larger yes. The biggest difference is in the pack size and the way that they kill as they call it sport kill. That means kill without eating what they have just killed and move on to kill again sometimes repeating over and over again. One example of this happened near Dillion Montana 122 buck sheep killed in one night. None of them eaten by the Canadian wolves that had just killed every single one of them. Google it. The Canadian wolf is the most prolific, destructive predator on the face of our planet. Yes there may be a place for wolves in the ecosystem, but they have to be keeped in balance with the habitat or those of us living on this planet now are going to witness the biggest wildlife desaster in the history of this nation. The wildlife in this country do not have much range left today compared to the days before we all got here. This is why our native wildlife can’t excape the constant harassment from these Canadian wolves. They are on them 24-7, 365 days a year. The elk are so stressed by the Canadian wolves that they are even aborting their calves in some areas. In other areas the Canadian wolves are pulling the cow elk down and killing the calfs before they are born to take their first breath of air, with the cow left to bleed to death that sometimes takes 2 to 3 days. In some cases neither the calf and almost every time the cow elk is not eaten. Some balance in nature. This is just plain wrong. The native wildlife in this country is going to hell and Defenders Of Wildlife is driving the bus.

  9. The introduction of this non-native evasive Canadian wolf into this country is THE WORST CRIME EVER COMMITTED ON OUR NATIVE WILDLIFE IN THIS COUNTRY EVER! These special intrest groups in this country are destroying the wildlife in this country with all their lies and propaganda. They are stealing from every American in this country in a least one way or another. Do some research about what is really happening in Idaho and Montana. The sportsmen in this country are the only true conservationist in this country. Always have always will be. Check that one out to. Then checkout where all the money groups like PETA collects from its members goes. Dare you. Their very own website will show you. Did you know that PETA kills about 80% of the animals they take in annually? There was only suppose to be 300 wolves with a buffer of 150 in Idaho, Montana, and Wyominng combined. This was the number that the native wildlife in these states could deal with and still maintain their numbers, determinded by sicence. But Destroyers Of Wildlife AKA Defenders Of Wildlife started their games in court that have cost citizens of this country millions of tax dollars and destroyed our wildlife in the process

  10. Ken, you have displayed to all of us your lack of intelligence. Your “big, bad, wolf” is merely playing out it’s role in the ecosystem in which it lives. No different than you, but probably more intelligent, efficient, and noble than you and your kind will ever be. Get a dictionary!

  11. Montana’s Governor Brian Schweitzer should quit his job. It looks for me like stone time what I read about the wolves …. It seems for me that the governor of this beautiful state has NO feeling for the network of nature and what nature is. He is part of nature too but possibly he don’t know this fact.

    Thomas Seifert
    Professor for Geology

  12. I don’t know how any one can have any opinion without really knowing what is happening. The elk and moose population have been decimated in Yellowstone National Park. Before introduction of the Canadian wolf there were approximately 19,000 elk and 1,000 moose…there are now somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 elk, according to Park officials and only a handful of moose. There are now 1,500 wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming….and between 300 and 500 in YNP. I grew up in Livingston, Montana, about 40 mile north of YNP. I have seen 1,000 head of elk at a single time in the Lamar Valley in the Park. the herd has been dramatically declining now for years. I was in the Park for twelve hours on July 14, 2015 and drove from the north entrance through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City and then back through the lower and upper falls and back up through Mammouth. The “pet” elk that you always see in Mammouth were there (maybe 15 elk) but I did not see a single elk in the Park….NOT ONE ELK. Whoever made up this nonsense that wolves only kill the sick and weakened elk is misinformed. Of course they pick on the weakest links but they also kill a very high percentage of calves and healthy animals. Uninformed people view wolves as these majestic, regal looking animals….they are in fact, killers…they kill for food and for fun. Ranchers have lost millions of dollars in cattle that have been killed. Sportsman who have dedicated much of their lives to financing, replenishing and maintaining the elk population have been relegated to bystanders as the wolf now kills more elk than is harvested by hunters who feed their families. If you don’t live in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming, your opinion is uninformed and not meaningful. The goal of the wolf reintroduction in YNP was to eventually maintain 110 wolves…there are now three to five times that number…they have no predators. The ecosystem argument is total nonsense…yes the elk eat willow growth but there has been absolutely zero increase in that vegetation in the Park. Yes, more birds now exist, if you call buzzards and crows birds…..carcasses are abundant. So now on the low estimate, we have 300 mutant Canadian wolves in the Park…is that really worth 15,000 elk and ALL of the moose? The wolves ARE killing cattle and the will continue unabated unless stopped. Do you think they are just going to sit and die from starvation when they run out of elk. Restoring wildlife to its original state is a mindless and myopic vision…it fails to recognize that we have human beings that live in the area and are involved in commerce not part of the original state. Are peoples livelihood more important that the wolf?…HELL YES. Are elk and moose more important than the wolf?…HELL YES. The contribution of the American sportsman should not be underestimated nor should their desire. They have been hoodwinked. Litigation costs have been paid out by taxpayers to contracting attorneys in an amount exceeding $200 million to preserve the wolf reintroduction which amounts to $133,000 PER WOLF in the three state area. Area sportsman and ranchers have been left to finance this fight on their own dime against an opponent that is ill informed and has an open pocket book….YOURS. The fixation on turning back the clock to natures original state is pathetic…what next, give the country back to the Indians? The Governor should be applauded and asked “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” If you want to see a wolf in the wild, go to Canada or Alaska….there are tens of thousands of them…but keep them out of YNP and private property where ranchers are trying to make a living and where sportsman have single handedly built the elk population to a healthy state.

  13. John Vlahakis, I hope you read this. Your comments were of course incorrect in all aspects. There are now 3,000 to 6,000 elk in the Park and virtually no moose, according to Park officials (July 2015, I was there and asked). Also, according to the Park, the wolf population is between 300 and 500 in YNP and 1,500 in the three state area. ONE wolf eats the equivalent of 27 elk per year NOT one pack eating one elk per week. The flora that you speak about is unchanged since the decimation of the elk and introduction of the wolf. If the elk herds had EVER been considered too high the solution could have easily occurred by increasing hunting permits since most of the elk migrate out of the Park in the Winter. Would you rather feed families or wild killing dogs? Maintenance of the elk herd as a reason for reintroduction of wolves is ridiculous. Your uninformed and nonchalant approach to someone else’s property and your perceived “attributes” of the wolf seem silly at best. You are simply perpetuating the sensational, emotional and uniformed attitudes about wolves.


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