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How many of you seek out holistic therapies to solve a medical issue?  How many of you seek out your clinical modern day pharmaceutical supported physician? At our fingertips we have quite a few choices for medical care, and quite an array of different therapies to fixing us up.  I recently had a horrible neck muscle spasm.  It was almost impossible to move my head side to side for two days.  After the second night of little to no sleep, I sought out medical counsel.  First visit was to the internist.  And as can be expected, the diagnosis was for an acute muscle spasm, and the solution – drugs, and lots of them.  First came the muscle relaxant, and then came the vicodin for pain.  After the quick stop to the local druggist, a friend suggested I go see his chiropractor.  My friend swore up and down that this was the right course of action.  So I went to see his chiropractor.  To be honest, it was my first time to one.  Just coming off from a visit to a sterile, modern, computer blazing doctors office, the chiropractor’s office felt like taking a step back into the 50’s.  No computer, just a typewriter, and mood lighting.   But, after a session with acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, and a good old neck manipulation, I actually felt a lot better.  Score one for a partial quick fix through holistic medicine.  I was not so pain free, but it was a big improvement.  I slept better last night, but I did cheat.  I used the muscle relaxant to take the edge off.  Not sure this works with all aliments, but I’ve come to appreciate the need to seek out holistic approaches, along with the use of modern meds.


  1. Always keep in mind that for the most part drugs only treat (ie cover up) symptoms, and do not cure anything. And very often they create more problems in the process, requiring yet another prescription. (Note the drug ads on TV with their endless list of possible side effects, and you may not always notice these effects right away. Sometimes it is a subtle change that may end up causing long term problems. And ALWAYS question – is this right for me if I have or had this or that medical problem, or if I am taking this or that drug? Is there a better alternative? Don’t assume they know everything. Also ask your pharmacist those same questions to double check.) Holistic approaches may not immediately stop the pain, but in the long run they are more likely to help your body heal better without causing further problems. Doctors are not healers. Your body heals itself. So it’s really a question of whether you want to help it heal more quickly, or do you want to just cover up the pain until nature takes its course. Of course there are times when you really do need a medical doctor or surgeon, such as for a broken bone, or a gaping wound. Each has their place.

  2. I have _always_ gone to a chiropractor, since I was around 12 years old. helped me through a lot of things, but couldn’t completely cure my severe migraines, unfortunately.


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