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Memorial Day


Whether you are a Hawk or Dove, our Memorial Day must always remember those who gave their lives for this country. It does not matter if you agree with the current wars we are involved in, or even if you do, we must remember that men and women haven given their lives for us. Lives have been given so that this country and the ideals we have believed in must continue to endure. Despite the loss of liberties through the Patriot Act, we must continue to hold dear the freedoms we have fought for all through the years, and retake them if we must. Every war is different, every opinion about our involvements count, but when we lose a son or daughter so those rights may continue to exist, we must honor them always. I’m not sure we should do it in a Memorial parade with Fire Trucks, bands, and floats, but perhaps in a more compelling manner. We should visit their graves and the memorials built to their legacies. A day off to remember should be in order to pay our respects to them and their families. Not just another day off from our work and self inclusion at the neighborhood bbq.

John Vlahakis

American Graves at Normandy
American Graves at Normandy


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