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Man vs. Lion


What’s wrong with NatGeo TV these days? lion If you grew up in a household that subscribed to National Geographic magazine, you probably learned more about the world from that publication, than sitting in a social studies class.  National Geographic brought you the world every month, and thankfully it still does.  NatGeo on the other hand in its bid for a younger crowd, has turned its cameras on creating sensational TV viewing.  Top Ten Man Eating Animals!  Top Ten Most Poisonous Snakes!  Craziest Animals Caught On Your Phone!  Suffice to say that NatGeo TV in no way mimics its higher brow sister publication.  In a ratings move to celebrate Big Cat’s month, not sure Hallmark is in on this one, NatGeo is offering it’s latest title celebrating big cat’s – Man vs. Lion!  Really?  Man vs. Lion will place one human tracker who goes by the name Boone Smith in a 4 x 7 foot acrylic box in the middle of a pride of lions.  The supposed scientific study is to see how lion’s track their prey, capture their food, and socialize with one another.  We have all seen some show highlighting big cat’s, but this one is simply regurgitating what we know, with the added sensational feature of putting some nut job into an acrylic box all in the name of capturing viewers, er science.  Personally, it would be nice to see the lions win this one.



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