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Journey’s End


I’ve been editing and writing The Earthy Report for 10 years now. The environment has been an important mainstay in my life since the first earth day way back in 1972.  That moment was a life changing one for me.  Over the years the media’s focus on the environment began with air pollution and water pollution.  Climate change wasn’t even on the radar back then.  Garbage on the highways and river ways was something that grabbed the headlines.  There were no Paris Climate Treaty discussions back then, they came later. Lead in gasoline was the leading topic back then, along with a TV commercial of a Native American shedding a tear over pollution.  That earth day galvanized generations to stand up and fight on behalf of the environment.  Unfortunately, the fight still goes on, with Republicans denying climate change, and seeking to undo environmental laws that were put in place to protect people and the environment.  I find it ironic that Republican President Richard Nixon created the U.S. EPA back in 1970, and the current one is doing everything he can to undo it.  My hope is that we collectively continue to push for stringent CO2 levels, rejoin the Paris Climate Treaty, continue to wean off of fossil fuels, invest more in renewable energy and electric vehicles. Human population control must be revisited as well.  Too many people on this planet will not bode well for the planet and the other life forms that we share the space with.   After writing and editing this blog, I have decided the time has come to step down and focus on other parts of my life.  One in particular is my love for environmental landscape photography.  And I have promised my wife that we will try to travel more together.  My wife has been my rock and along with my kids, the most important people in my life. I’ve felt for a while now that it is time for me to move on.  It does not mean that I will no longer be an advocate for the environment, far from it, it’s just too important to not care.  But, my time here at The Earthy Report will now come to an end.  Thank you for visiting and sending your comments along these past ten years.  It’s been a privilege to journey together.


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