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It’s Election Day – Did You Vote?


This will be simple and straight to the point – Vote!  Today is a national election for these United States.   If you are a voting citizen it is your duty to head to the polls and place your vote in the ballot box.  No matter who you support the only way we’re going to get what we want from government and their bureaucracies is to show up and vote.  Power does reside in the people.  And as the people we need to make our voices heard and to make our politicians listen to what we want.  Government must fear its people, and not people fearing the government.  The one way to instill this fear into our government is to get out and cast your ballot.  The more people that vote, the more they will heed the will of the people, and not of the special interests groups that seek to harm the public welfare by promoting their own selfish narrow interests.  By voting we can make both Republican and Democrats take into account the numbers that show up and cast their votes.  They will listen to what the people want, as long as we hold them accountable through exercising our right to vote.  So please, make the time – get out there and vote today!


  1. Hello,
    I wonder if in the future you could encourage people to get informed, then get out and vote.


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