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It Shreds, Blends, And Wipes


It shreds, blends, dries, and wipes your butt.  It’s the next inventive machine from Japan, and it’s not an extra in the latest Godzilla movie.  The machine is called White Goat, and it’s the next best thing to an office shredder.  The machine made by Oriental, Co., takes everyday office paper and converts it into toilet paper. Those office memos, and intrusive fax sales pitches can now be processed into white toilet paper.   The machine was first featured at a Japanese ecological trade show this past year.  The machine takes your paper and processes it into pulp, followed by a drying process, and then rolls it into toilet paper.  The entire process takes 30 minutes to make one roll of toilet paper.  Each roll is made up from 40 sheets of paper.  Oriental Co. has filed for a patent on the machine and claims that by recycling your office paper you can save 60 trees annually.  All you have to do as the user is provide water and electricity.  The machine is fairly large and would need at least a 10 by 10 square foot area.  White Goat is scheduled to be on the market this year and comes with a price tag of $100,600.00.  It would takes years to recoup the cost of toilet paper, and even if the machine ran 24 hours a day it could only produce 48 rolls of toilet paper.  You wonder just how much electricity and water this machine needs in order to convert all of this paper into toilet paper.  But, you have to give the Japanese credit in creating a machine that not many of use would have even thought of creating.  It’s a great approach to finding a new way to recycle all of that office paper we are still shuffling around.

Photo: White Goat Machine   Photo Courtesy: Oriental Co.


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