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Hybrid Electric Bikes Coming


If you are a bike riding commuter there is a new bicycle coming to the market that might interest you.  Sanyo is introducing a lithium-powered bike.  It will be one of the first electric bikes on the market.  Now before you think it’s a bike that you do not have to do any pedaling, think again.  The lithium-powered bike is there to help you on climbing those hills you contend with.  The Sanyo bike provides a boost to pedaling up hill.  The Sanyo bike, eneloop, is an electric hybrid bicycle whose lithium ion batteries can recharge while the bike is pedaled on level terrain, braking, or heading down hill on its own power.   The bike is fairly smart in its approach to charging itself, and when it allows for the motor boost to kick in. It reads foot pressure on the pedals, as well as pedal torque and the revolution speed of the dynamotor on the front wheel, and charges the battery along flat roads, on down hills, and during braking. When the rider comes to an uphill gradient, the motor assist function kicks in automatically. Sanyo says the new SPL bikes can travel about 34 miles per charge.  By traveling 1 kilometer (1,093 yards) on flat ground in Eco Charge Mode, you can generate enough electricity to go about 300 meters (328 yards) in Power Mode, which provides lots of power assist. A power reserve function stores an extra bit of juice for those times when the battery runs out before you arrive at your destination.  The Sanyo bike will be released in Japan in April first.  The price tag of the bike will be around $1700.

Photo: Sanyo eneloop bike   Photo Courtesy: Sanyo


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