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House Fight Over Fluorescent Light Bulbs


The Republican controlled House of Representatives is trying to push legislation that would overturn measures in a 2007 energy act requiring efficiency upgrades in switching from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent ones.  The mandatory move to fluorescent light bulbs was a key component to the 2007 energy act that was signed by then President George W. Bush.  Conservative Republicans are claiming that the new standards are a symbol of an overreaching federal government and people should have the choice to buy energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs.  What President Bush got right back in 2007 is that the new squiggly shaped fluorescent light bulbs would save Americans billions of dollars in energy costs, and help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  The conservative Republican appeal to individual freedom in choosing a light bulb is plainly irresponsible in solving this nation’s carbon foot print.  It’s not a right to waste energy, continue to pollute and draw down our natural resources.  Cooler heads need to prevail in Washington and reject this attempt to remove the gains made in improving our environment.  Fortunately, the legislation being considered needs a two-thirds majority to pass in the House, and the Democratic controlled Senate has already indicated it will not support the measure.  Conservative Republicans need to realize that the days of cheap energy are over and that this country needs to improve its carbon foot print.

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  1. The new lights are much brighter and give me terrible migraines. I have to wear a hat all the time because so many stores use these bulbs and the light causes me pain. This problem only started 3 years ago. The new bulbs also contain mercury. My neurologist advises her patients to remove all such light bulbs if they suffer from headaches. I care about the environment too, but these new bulbs are harmful to a small subset of the population like myself. The Internet articles from 2008 and 2009 that say that people with migraines will not be affected from these new bulbs are WRONG.


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