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Grey water and even black water is becoming a watering resource for agricultural sustenance. Grey water is the utilization of water from washing machines and dish washers back into the environment. This water is used in the watering of lawns and plants around a home or commercial institution. This type of water normally contains laundry and auto dish detergents remnants that were used in the cleaning process. Not all detergents used in the home can be grey water applied. Our ECOS laundry and Wave Auto Dish can be used in grey water applications. Laundry and Auto Dish products that contain phosphates, and boron cannot be used in grey water applications. In areas of the US where rain fall is an issue many homes, businesses, and governments rely on grey water to maintain their plants. Black water on the other hand is human, and animal waste water that is filtered to remove the waste and then turned into grey water. The waste is turned into compost and then used as fertilizer. Black water and grey water usage is on the rise due to the demands being placed on fresh water. As the glaciers disappear, and the sea levels rise, a greater emphasis will be placed on using these types of water in watering our food supplies.

John Vlahakis

Garfield Conservatory uses greywater
Garfield Conservatory uses grey water


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