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I’ve been on the road a lot lately.  Traveling to far flung places like Tulsa, Bentonville, and Palm Springs.  Along the way you get to see quite a few interesting things.  This week I’m in Palm Springs and I got a good look at a wind farm that is located to the west of this city.  It is a very large wind farm that extends from one side of a valley to the the next.  This valley seems to act as a natural wind tunnel and a perfect location to set up a wind farm up.  From a purely esthetic point of view it looks quite magnificent.  It gets you thinking about why we’re not doing more of this around the country.  It also got me thinking about the the new economic stimulus package that just got passed.  The Obama team is talking about creating more green jobs.  Well the obvious was staring me in the face.  Why doesn’t the stimulus bill contain provisions for building massive wind farms around the country?  And why stop there.  Instead of spending tons of money on roads and bridges we should be investing in ways to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and energy.  We need a green stimulus that spends money on building wind farms through out the US.  We need to provide massive investments into building really cheap solar panels and providing financial incentives to every household in America to partially convert their homes to solar.  Think what that would do to the scales of economy in manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, and the hiring that would ensue in building and installing these clean, self-reliant energy sources.  Why stop with wind and solar.  Let’s also add geo thermal energy.  More an more people are drilling geo thermal wells to tap into the earth’s internal heat to heat their homes.  A friend of mine in New Jersey is doing this on an island 5 miles from the mainland.  Their plan is to have their home heated from geo thermal heat, and they are covering their home with solar panels to offset their electrical needs.  They’re getting off the grid.  That’s forward thinking.  If we’re going to have change in this country we need that green stimulus bill now.

John Vlahakis

Wind Farm outside Palm Springs
Wind Farm outside Palm Springs


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