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From 125 candidates the Green Project Model Search has narrowed it’s choices down to ten finalists.  From these ten finalists, a winner will be crowned Green It Girl on November 6th in Los Angeles.  The ten finalists seem to be fairly bright women who have a passion for the environment.

Jessica Williamson one of the ten finalists.
Jessica Williamson one of the ten finalists.

At least from the press releases and photos being thrown around the internet, none of these girls seem to be walking the catwalk in skimpy tight bathing suits.  All of the women who entered the contest had to possess beauty, brains, compassion, environmental dedication, and strong voices in defense of the earth and its inhabitants.  So says the press release from Project Green.  What I find interesting is that the panel of judges also seem to be environmentally oriented as well.  One of the panel judges is from an integrated media company that supports environmental causes, but also provides talent to shows seeking that eco beautiful figure and smile.  Sex sells,  But, somehow I never viewed saving the planet as sexy.  It’s just necessary.  Obviously the green channel is really hot right now.  Not just for companies like Earth Friendly Products, but for every facet of commerce.  Clothing, cars, appliances, homes, and travel are all securely on the band wagon.   I guess having a green beauty pageant without the music talent session, is just part of our societies acceptance of the green movement.  Objectifying women in any type of pageant to me personally seems demeaning.  I’ve got a daughter, so I guess I take it a bit more personally.  I’m a little surprised that a green one was created.  I always assumed that people who were involved in green living were of a higher intellect.   But, if you really wanted a true all organic green pageant, shouldn’t they have included an all buff version too?  Isn’t that as organic as you can get?

John Vlahakis


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