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Green Gifts And The Stress Of The Holidays


Twas the last week before Christmas and shoppers are everywhere!   Bouncing here and there, and making such a noise in finding the best deals – just before the relatives arrive from out of town.  The holidays are an exhausting time period.  Health reports show that the stress levels skyrocket during the holiday season.  The stress of attending multiple office parties, what to give, or what to wear can wear down the heartiest.  Eating and drinking too much can add to those already high stress levels.  Binging on the holidays is as old as when this whole commercialization of the holidays began.  If you work in retail the stress multiplies a thousand fold.  Just trying to deal with crazed shoppers has got to put you over the edge.  For others, this time of year tends to slow down.  More people seek to cram in their remaining vacation times at this time of year.  Just in time to go nuts buying up stuff.  Finding the “perfect gift”, if that even exists, can be a time-consuming hand wringing experience.  As an environmentally sensitive site, we thought we’d throw out a few last minute green gift-giving ideas.  All of these are lowbrow ideas that are quick and easy to pick up as last minute gift ideas.  Not quite a top ten list, but at least it gives you some different gift giving ideas.  How about a stainless steel straw?  Easily washed, and something you never have to throw away.  Hand made organic soaps are available at Whole Foods and other fine natural health food stores.  Some even have Free Trade pedigrees.  Re-useable shopping bags anyone?  Yes, boring, but at least they’re cheap and are something that won’t end up in a landfill.  Or maybe a package of organic beeswax candles to add a little spice to your winter’s evening.  A plug for Earth Friendly Products, a set of their organic lavender and lemongrass hand soaps tied in a bow.  All of these are quick and easy, and that is something you could probably use just about now.

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  1. add some mmore?
    home made cake, jam, night-dressings;
    a slip from your favourite out-indoor plant;
    a season ticket for 1, 2, maybe even 3 (regular) dishwashing, for same amount walks, dinner at home, (paid by the begifted) groceriesshopping.

    i participated a nuclear-energy inquiry today, tried to answer all questions as quick as possible because i really had to dash to acquire tickets for the afterchristmas puppet-show in our nearbytown.

    luckily, my knowledge of nuclear facts weren’t to far from reality;
    made a decent impression;
    necessary to make the take-it-away-bob politics i gave about, somewhat sustained.

    actually, makes me think of another staggering present to show how much you really care : a fluorescent vest to have your beloved be remarked on time!

    by the uturn, today the longest day of the year.

    the best midwinternightsdream to you all
    from cosmo


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