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Green Bike Recycling Project


Recycling and reusing is one of our mantras around the earthy report.  So it tickles us green when we come across innovative ways to recycle used items into something beautiful.  Inspired by “The Good Bike Project” out of Toronto whose mission was to turn abandoned bikes into public works of art, the city of Thessaloniki, Greece has created Green Bike: The Recycling Project.  Young people from around this city have gathered discarded bicycles, and have painted and decorated them to be placed around the city as street art.  The group behind this in Thessaloniki is members of the Hellenic Architecture Agora.  There twist on the Toronto group was to paint bikes with specific colors that mean something.  Yellow colored bikes signify a historic location.  Orange ones are located at central meeting points within the city.  Blue ones are dedicated to Ernest Hebrard, the architect with a unique architectural vision for the city.  Green bikes are located in areas that lack open and park spaces, and fuchsia ones are dedicated to the organizations volunteers.  We find this to be one of the more creative uses of recycling with a social message to the entire community.  This would be a great project for schools and towns to get behind.  The nice thing is you could probably do this with any thematic object.


  1. How can you title your project other then a art project? I would think a recycle program would have the youths rebuild the bicycles for someone else to use. That would be a ‘green Use”

  2. Hi Larry,

    The use of the word recycle would fall under definition 4-b listed below. Another example of definition 4-b would be to recycle a shampoo bottle by using it as a sex toy when the shampoo is gone.

    re·cy·cle (r-skl)

    tr.v. re·cy·cled, re·cy·cling, re·cy·cles

    1. To put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment.

    2. To start a different cycle in.

    a. To extract useful materials from (garbage or waste).
    b. To extract and reuse (useful substances found in waste).

    a. To use again, especially to reprocess: recycle aluminum cans; recycle old jokes.
    b. To recondition and adapt to a new use or function: recycling old warehouses as condominiums.


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