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Going Green Between The Sheets


It was bound to happen.  We’ve been exposed to just about everything green, or at least I thought we were, up until now.  Now there is a new book titled “Eco-Sex”, by Stefanie Iris Weiss. She covers pretty much everything aspect of “green sex”, you could possibly think of.  And not just about what to do with used up condoms, but how to find and use ecologically sustainable hand cranked sex toys too. Where to go for that green eco-sex trip, and what type of first date you should have prior to having sex.  Biking is her preferred green first date.  She provides you with ways to reduce your love life carbon footprint.  Her biggest thought here is to have lots off eco-sex, but just don’t procreate.  We need less people in the world, and she even walks the walk here.  At 38 she is childless and thinks she’ll stay that way too.  Her book provides you with all natural recipes for aphrodisiac meals for two, and recommends natural latex mattresses, though she warns you that they are less bouncy than those made with springs, coils, or foam.  She has some great recommendations for eco-sex under things – think bamboo on this one.  Eco-Sex has a vast range of suggestions for organic cosmetics, condoms made of biodegradable latex, and even eco-sexy bling.  Because according to Ms. Weiss,  neither diamonds or gold are a self-respecting green girl’s best friend.  I can see a lot of guys going for this one.  Even the flowers you bring on a date must be the ones you grow in your back yard, or balcony.  Nothing store bought.  The book sounds like a great read, and will be available on March 31.  Just when you thought you’ve heard it all about all things green.

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